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Who am I?

I am an Entrepreneur, Strategic Technical Advisor, and Engineer who has a passion for the procurement of technology in organizations. I am business-centric, while technology minded, and have had many years of experience bridging the gap between technical staff and decision makers in organizations. I pride myself in my ability to effectively communicate to a diverse audience and provide strategic direction for small and large organizations alike.

The goal of this blog is to promote the use of technology and share business knowledge with the community. In a recent conversation with Michael Burnham, [Linked-In Profile Here] (President / Founder of Panatrack, Inc.), he said “Midwest-based businesses need to stop being so concerned about keeping their knowledge and products a secret. The amount of effort required to become a startup business and effectively make money is much more difficult than perceived. We need to open our doors to not recreate the wheel; rather, partner and succeed”.

I decided to create this (http://www.BitTangents.com) community-based learning blog for Business and Information Technology Tangents or BitTangents.


The Making of Brenton J.W. Blawat

I started early working with computers at the age of 8 where I learned a very basic Pascal IRC scripting language for mIRC. I spent countless hours in middle school creating IRC network exploits to be a master of IRC wars(1). I transitioned my malicious efforts to create a sophisticated (not so much anymore) IRC-based, peer-to-peer file transfer system. This enabled random users around the world to list and download shared files from my computer. I then moved into creating IRC encryption algorithms to secure channel conversations from the logging done on the IRC master servers. This encrypted conversation also provided a method for securely performing peer-to-peer file transfers over IRC without the RIAA being able to sniff for the name or request of the content in the file transfers. (Not that I would do anything illegal, but just in case.)

1) Note: IRC Wars are “king of the hill” games within chat lines. The goal was to do whatever possible to hijack a chat room session and maintain administrative control of that chat room for as long as possible. The winner of this game is the person who blocks any and all attempts to regain control of the chat room without “divine” intervention (IRC System Admin’s). Perhaps a primitive version of hacking?

I’ve been fortunate to have two mentors throughout my career. The first, Curtis John, [Linked-in Profile Here] has been the most influential person for my career. From when I was a script kiddie to present, he’s provided me a wealth of direction that I can truly say has gotten me to where I am today. It all started when Curtis John, who was tightly involved with Cisco at the time, suggested that I take the CCNA college courseware while I was in high school.


Work Experience


logo Shortly after enrolling in the CCNA courseware, I obtained a job at Seaquist Closures, Inc. as a Help Desk Technician. At the age of 16, Seaquist Closures tasked me with singularly implementing a CAT5e network scheme for over half their facility. From design to implementation, I saved Seaquist Closures about $50,000 (which was over double my salary at the time) by keeping the work in house.Pictures of the implementation can be found here.


SPlogo When I started my CIS-Network Specialist Associates Degree at Waukesha County Technical College, I also obtained an 8 month network administration contract at Standard Process, Inc. During my time there, I performed Server Administration and Network Support for the Cisco VOIP systems. I also enabled the company to perform baselines on their server equipment, where I identified a critical thread leak in the WMS (warehouse management system).


PanatrackLogo After my contract was completed at Standard Process, I obtained a Wireless Engineering / Network Engineering Position at Panatrack, Inc. This was the first that enabled me to select my career path.  Shortly after gaining the trust of the president, I was assigned to a multi-million dollar infrastructure upgrade project for the largest canned food distributor in the world. I was tasked with project management, network architecture design, and coordination of the implementation team. I contracted several cabling companies to perform the installation of network infrastructure in the locations which were specified in my wired and wireless site surveys. After the implementations, I revisited the facilities to audit the infrastructure installation. Through the implementation of this system (verified through a physical audit), the client was able to recover over 2 million cans of product!

During the infrastructure upgrade, the client needed management tools to maintain control of the newly introduced devices on their network. I chose Wavelink’s Mobile Manager for the infrastructure management and Wavelink’s Avalanche for mobile device software management. Information about these technologies can be found in my Wavelink Training Section.


logo_edstrom_ I obtained a position at Edstrom Industries, Inc. as an Information Technology Specialist / Technical Advisor. Shortly after being hired, they moved me to co-manage the software development team to integrate new technologies and new security measures throughout the product lines. I was required to quickly learn and strictly adhere to the National Security Agency’s Guidelines for Hardening IIS servers, 21 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 11 (21CFR Part 11), and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).These regulations have provided me a very strong foundation to create extensible and robust solutions which were integrated into many biotechnology, healthcare, government, and academic institutions. Some of these customers include, but are not limited to Baxter Healthcare, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bayer Healthcare, Lexicon Genetics, Abbott Laboratories, Stanford University, Wake Forest University, and Harvard Medical School.

During my time at Edstrom, I regularly spoke with the executive management team. During these meetings, I provided methods by which Edstrom could reduce overhead while not sacrificing the customer’s experience or corporate integrity. From this I became well versed in communicating technological enhancements with upper level management teams including Directors, VP, Presidents, CEO, and CIO levels.

My last major accomplishment was solely coordinating and implementing a technology partnership with Hewlett Packard. The HP Authorized Warranty Delivery Partner (AWDP) program provided Edstrom the ability to reduce the customer service overhead by 64% and saved $200,000 annually. Overall, my involvements in this organization directly affected the 25% (2.5 million dollars) computer services revenue increase over two years.


header_bkg_home Binary Research, Intl., the original creators of Ghost, hired me as an Information Technology Specialist / Technical Advisor. In this position, I was the subject matter expert for the creation of two 5 day training courses named “Best Practices for Windows Vista Deployment”. The curriculum is geared toward Fortune 500 organizations that are migrating their entire environment to Windows Vista. I took the Microsoft Deployment mesh diagram and broke it into eight steps for deployment success. The course also contained a best practices section for successful deployment of Windows Vista utilizing the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 (MDT 2008 ) and Ghost Solution Suite.Aside from designing the curriculum, I managed the development of the core curriculum between New Zealand, France, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin developers. After receiving the drafts from the development staff, I audited the documents for technical accuracy and plagiarism, and developed the best practice sections for each module. Upon completion of many revisions, I forwarded my final proofs to the CEO in France for publishing.

When I was not writing or editing curriculum, I performed competitive analysis and acquisition profiles for independent software companies. I profiled each company and provided detailed information about it’s status in relation to Binary Research International; an investment opportunity, a direct competitor, or a non-interest. My findings were reviewed by the board of directors and I often attended the conference calls with companies of interest to analyze the technical feasibility and readiness of their claims.


ae I was hired by American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. as a Windows Infrastructure Consultant. American Eagle Outfitters hired me to complete the Payment Card Industry (PCI) mandated wireless security schema and finalize the deployment of software updates to their handheld devices. During my first several months in the organization, I worked strictly in the capacity of a process improvement consultant.  I redefined their entire deployment strategy to work within the limitations of Windows Mobile architecture. Additionally, I redefined the departmental application support roles for the Customer Systems, Technical Deployment, Windows Infrastructure, and Support teams. With buy-in from the CIO and directors of each department, the requirements of the new support roles were fulfilled within a month.With the integration of the support roles and new deployment strategy, American Eagle Outfitter’s 1000+ stores experienced a 40% increase in deployment to stores per day (20 stores per day instead of about 10). Deployment for the entire project completed three weeks prior to our projected goals and produced less than eight hours of additional cleanup.

At the end of the deployment, I created specialized training curriculum for each of the departments to fulfill their roles in the system. I hosted five weeks of training courses for different individuals to ensure full comprehension of our deployment strategy and the issues associated with changes to the architecture.




My next position was at True Process, Inc. where I was a Senior Integration Technician. I work closely with the head project managers at Hospira to procure their medical devices into Hospital networks. I perform the pre-implementation planning, perform wireless site assessment, the integration of the server software, and maintain support for the Hospital post Go-Live. Based on the findings in each stage of the planning and implementation processes, I provide the facilities recommendations for optimal use of Hospira equipment.Some of the facilities which I’ve integrated systems into include, but are not limited to: Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Virtua Health Hospitals, University of Pennsylvania Hospital Partners, East Texas Medical Center, Providence Centralia, Providence Park, St. Mary’s Duluth, Carolina’s Medical Center, and Our Lady of the Lakes.




I transitioned to a contract position at MTM Technologies where I focused on working with Alexian Brothers Health System. I was tasked with the remediation of handheld specific issues for their hospital network. This includes proper scoping of current and future projects, and working with a multitude of employees to make the handheld infrastructure function for their business needs. Aside from the handheld and wireless configurations, I also assist in the identification and correcting existing issues in the network and server infrastructure.I was also assigned to a 400+ room bed tower project to provide Wyse thin appliances and wireless through out the facility. We utilized Cisco WCS and Air Magnet to determine the proper locations of where the wireless infrastructure should be placed. We did a site survey after the implementation and we determined 100% of the critical areas were covered with excellent coverage and 98% of the non-critical (stairwells) were covered with excellent / good coverage. We also determined there was very minimal channel contention after the implementation.


gelogo After my MTM contract position, I obtained another contract (12mo) at GE Healthcare in Invasive Cardiology Systems. During my time at GE Healthcare, I designed advanced PowerShell scripts to dynamically provision servers upon installation in hospital environments. Additionally, I provided stable operating systems and configurations to ensure that all operations were functional during heart procedures. This project also included integration of all Department of Defense security requirements, in addition, to other worldwide regulatory compliance items.


wflog My current position is a contract at Wells Fargo. I currently am involved in the Wachovia Securities to Wells Fargo technology migrations to ensure all of the legacy Wachovia systems are properly migrated to Wells Fargo systems. I design and maintain the Online Banking Station systems in addition to developing the deployment processes surrounding the technology.I also am the technical and development liaison between the United States and Wells Fargo India Team.  I provide technical guidance on the software development that is required for the Platform Engineering department.


Hitting the Books


logoshort I obtained my CIS-Network Specialist Associates Degree from Waukesha County Technical College. I also obtained an Advanced Technical Certificate as Microsoft Certified Professional. While the Advanced Technical Certificate was not significant by itself, it has been a large academic accomplishment of mine. It consisted on taking an overload of advanced MCSE courses for the entire last year of my Associates Degree. This included multiple 4 credit, 8 hour classes on Saturdays with final exams every five weeks! This was on top of the full time, 40 hours a week, position I had during the degree.


univLogo I continued my education at Ottawa University where I received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Information Technology with a concentration in management. During my time at Ottawa University, I sharpened my entrepreneurial toolset with studies that included business ethics, business principles, management of human resources and business law.


Still not Busy Enough…

The second mentor in my life, and equally influential as Curtis John, was Reginald Butler [Linked-in Profile Here], (Owner, Eton International USA, Inc). Reginald Butler worked with me in a business acquisition proposal of an [undisclosed] organization in 2007. While I wrote the technical portions of the business plan, Reginald Butler supplied the acquisition/merger and financial strategies. This opportunity provided me the ability to sit along side the most intelligent business-minded person that I know, and someone who genuinely wants to see those around him succeed. While we never proceeded forward with the business acquisition after our negotiations, we remain in excellent standing with the [undisclosed] organization, and continue to speak very highly of this organization. Time and training could never provide me the wealth of information I’ve obtained through working with Reginald Butler and I’m truly grateful.

Aside from the full time job, I actively participate in the following organizations:




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